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Amy Hallberg

Courageous Wordsmith

We guide creative writers through their narrative journeys — from first inklings to beautiful books.

About Us

At Courageous Wordsmith, we guide creative writers through their narrative journeys—from raw inklings to meaningful projects. And this is our sanctuary space. 

We're nurture our Muses together, through creative cross-pollination, seasoned guidance, and compassionate witness.

We are not for everyone who wants to write a book.

We are Unapologetically Feminist, LGBTQ-Affirming, and Anti-Racist.

We believe Black Lives Matter. White supremacy hurts everyone.

We hold respect for Spirit + Humanity + Earth.

And we adore playing with words.

Are you with us?

Why This Is For You

You have stories to tell. Outwardly, your narrative might look like:

A book. A podcast. A multimedia project.

You name it.

But really this is a journey into the heart of your wisdom.

Is it your time to start (or continue) writing? Please join us.

Nobody does it alone.

In Courageous Wordsmith Collective, we bring together creative writers to discover our truelines so that we can:

  • get clear on the stories we tell ourselves and share publicly;
  • move forward from raw inklings to inspired work;
  • and ultimately, tap into wisdom and healing through a writing process, in the company of fellow creative writers, so that you can get your stories to the people who need them most.

We'll share writing guidance and showcase writers who inspire us.

You’ll connect with kindred writers.

We welcome your voice.

It starts in our Writers' Salon

The Salon is a place to mingle.

It’s literary, down-to-earth, quirky, spiritual, smart, reverent, slightly profane, savvy, authentic, and all about empowering book-loving people who want to express themselves in meaningful ways.

It's the coffee house with gallery art on the wall and the singer in the corner that we all love.

We provide prompts—little cumulative drops to get your story going and keep it moving along.


It's a place for you to share what's speaking to you. Got a book or show you can't wait to recommend? Let us know. You can share your own work, fabulous memes, and articles. Pull a card, post a poem, and highlight aspects of creative process. 

Looking for something to inspire you? Ask what's speaking to us.

Please make yourself at home here.

Grateful to & for you. 💖

Ready for a project or deeper writing practice?


Explore our Resource Library crafted especially for (emerging) creative writers. Some resources are free, such as our Storycraft podcast.

Others are offered at a great value. You can gather with peers in private workshops and live Zoom events. Share writing, accountability, and meant-for-you guidance. 

And because this is a creative journey, our offerings will evolve to serve you.

Interested in dedicated support? Consider joining our Circle.

The Circle can seed your book

When you join the Circle, you join a company of peers. You're each on your individual narrative journeys, but you’ll gather monthly to share accountability and compassionate witness so that your book can take root and thrive.

The Circle offers a safe and place to generate writing and reflect on work in progress. It also poses the potential to form trusted writing partnerships.

You get:

12 Monthly Idea Parties to generate and make sense of stories

4–6 Special Events on topics related to creative process and craft

A private forum where you can connect and share writing

Weekly accountability threads throughout the year

Peers who know you and your book

Doors open twice a year.

We're in this together

Remember that wherever you start, you'll move forward with your content, your style, your message, at your pace. We get our inspiration from you.

This isn't a sprint. It's also not a marathon. It's a pilgrimage.

This story is all yours, as you move through all its phases.

We're here to guide you, wherever you find yourself now.

Meet Your Guides

I'm Amy Hallberg, story mentor, developmental editor & certified master coach. 

I'm also a German-teacher-turned-award-winning author. 

I know the longing to be a writer. 

I know creative partnerships matter. 

I know that writing is a solitary pursuit, but nobody does it alone.

Most of all I know that my book (and big projects) would not exist without sanctuary space, compassionate witness, and cross-pollination.

That's what we're offering in Courageous Wordsmith Collective, with our Writers' Salon, plus Resource Library and Events when you're ready to dig deeper into your stories.

I'm crafting this collective together with my friend Nicole Diaz.

Hi there, I'm Nicole Diaz. I'm a certified coach, creative entrepreneur, and former software executive.

I'm also a self-taught mixed media artist, teacher, and writer.

As a busy mom, I know firsthand the struggle of trying to balance career and family responsibilities.

I also understand the importance of creative practices and communities, pockets of sanctuary that nourish our lives from the inside out.

In my coaching, I help clients tap into their unique purpose and the story they're meant to share. Together, we get clear on where they're going and design simple structures to help them move forward in their creative journeys.

I get it. I really do, because I've struggled with overthinking, resistance, and confusion—the same challenges my clients face.

I also know there's a better way.

I'm so happy you're here and look forward to seeing you in the Salon!

How You Can Join

Request to join our Writers' Salon.

Picture yourself in our Sanctuary Space. People here are infinitely curious, and intentionally kind.

We celebrate that.

If this is for you, request to join our Writers' Salon. We'll see you inside.

Love, Amy and Nicole

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